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Norfolk Island Ports Management Strategy

With reliable and safe port operations essential to the economic wellbeing and sustainability of the Norfolk Island community, the department is developing the Norfolk Island Ports Management Strategy for the long-term management and infrastructure of Norfolk Island ports.

The strategy is being developed by Grosvenor Performance Group (Grosvenor) and its specialist subcontractor, Consult Marine. Extensive consultation and research activities have already occurred over the past year, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of the Norfolk Island community and best practice. The Ports Management Strategy has broadened its original focus on Cascade and Kingston Ports to explore all options available for sustainable sea freight solutions, infrastructure and operational requirements.

Grosvenor has set up a dedicated email address, which can be used to communicate with the project team:

  • Fact Sheet - Norfolk Island Ports Management Strategy PDF: 154 KB

How can I have my say?

All identified options have been presented to the Norfolk Island community and stakeholders through an options paper which is available below.

The current priority is to address immediate sea freight pressures through a range of short-term solutions and consultation with stakeholders and the community on the next stage of the Ports Management Strategy development is now anticipated to take place in early 2022. This will also mean that the success of any short-term measures can inform the longer term strategy and solutions.