Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government

Regionalisation and decentralisation

The Australian Government is continuing to progress its Decentralisation Agenda. The 2020-21 Budget includes two new components (see below).

Securing Raw Materials Program

The Securing Raw Materials Program ($35 million) provides up to $5 million of matched funding to support research and development activities associated with securing a reliable and commercially viable raw material supply for businesses that relocate to regional Australia from a metropolitan area. The program will target businesses that enter into research businesses partnerships with regional universities or other regionally-based research organisations. Applications closed 24 March 2021. Further information is available in the Fact Sheet PDF: 529 KB and on

Regional Cooperative Research Centre Project

The Regional Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) ($6 million) will provide grant funding to eligible businesses for industry-led collaborations to tackle issues in prominent regional industries.

Grant recipients will receive matched funding of up to $3 million. Eligible research projects must be based in regional Australia, and at least one collaborating entity must relocate from an excluded metropolitan area for the duration of the project. Based on the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources' CRC-P model, Regional CRC-P funding could be used to pay for research, salaries, student placements, commercialisation, or capital items. Applications closed 25 March 2021. Further information is available in the Fact Sheet PDF: 517 KB and on