Local government infrastructure financing review

The Ernst & Young report Strong foundations for sustainable local infrastructure sets out a number of recommendations for funding future local infrastructure needs.

The report makes recommendations on:

  • how councils can leverage existing funding sources for investment in new infrastructure
  • improving councils" access to finance, and
  • helping councils identify and develop infrastructure.

The Australian Government commissioned the review in order to look at ways to better address the infrastructure funding gap with specific focus on local government.

  • Report: Strong foundations for sustainable local infrastructure PDF: 2315 KB

National Financing Authority for Local Government Report

Following the release of the Strong foundations for sustainable local infrastructure review, the Australian Government commissioned Ernst & Young to examine options to improve local governments' access to competitive finance by establishing a national financing authority.

The report, A national financing authority for local government, considers the use of local government financing authorities internationally, and how an authority could be developed for the Australian context.

The report recommends that local governments consider the opportunities that such an authority would provide for the sector, and work with states and territories and the Australian Government to further investigate establishing an authority.