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Digitised choice-based letting for the ACT public housing portfolio


ACT Housing

Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria

Project stage

In progress


Start date: 19 November 2018
End date: 30 November 2020

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • TBA - procurement process commenced to engage partner organisation

Focus area

  • Public administration and customer service

Project type

  • Community engagement
  • Smart governance
  • People movement

Technology type

  • Data Management (Data platform, open data, data privacy and security, blockchains, standards)
  • IT systems (interoperability)
  • Online portal

Project summary

Co-design, development and implementation of a digital platform (MVP) that will capture:

  1. A digital service channel capable of supporting public housing allocation, swaps and transfers.
  2. Capacity for seamless integration with the digitised housing application process (under development).
  3. Client-choice, improved service accessibility and responsiveness, and increased awareness of available service options. 

The challenge

Currently clients are allocated public housing based on an officer’s assessment of need. There is limited portfolio visibility or ability to amend preferences.


The project seeks to remediate this by promoting:

  • client choice with a digitised platform where clients can compare their options and tailor their search (within set parameters)
  • ease of navigation and access, offering real-time updates to a digital vacant properties register and wait times, and
  • administrative efficiencies as officers are diverted to a tenant support function.

The project will have immediate and flow on benefits for broader portfolio management, incorporating up-to-date visual images of all public housing dwellings, including individual rooms and floor plans.


The project is scalable. It is anticipated that the MVP will be implemented with a select group of about 100 properties and, initially, be used for the purpose of facilitating tenant swaps. However, over time there is potential for the product to be used for all tenant allocations and movements (transfers and swaps) across the portfolio. The benefits are:

  • increased tenant mobility (as life circumstances change);
  • reduced property under-utilisation (currently 17% of properties across the portfolio have two or more bedrooms underutilised);
  • increased tenant choice about where (and in what communities) they live. 

Contact details

Name: Leila Corby
Phone: 02 6205 0094