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ChillOUT: Smart Social Spaces Creating Connected Green Places


Georges River Council

Belgrave Street Kogarah, Maquarie Place Mortdale, Timothy Reserve Hurstville, New South Wales

Project stage



Start date: 15 October 2018
End date: 30 June 2020

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • University of New South Wales
  • Street Furniture Australia

Focus area

  • Visitor experience
  • Innovation and economic development
  • Public safety (crime and disaster prevention and management)
  • Natural environmental data and measurement (air quality, dust, noise, waterways)

Project type

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart energy
  • Community engagement
  • Active lifestyle/mobility
  • Smart waste
  • Smart irrigation
  • Smart amenity management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart waste (management, recycling)
  • Smart amenity management (library, pool, BBQs, toilets...)

Technology type

  • Internet of Things
  • Wi-Fi
  • Data Management (Data platform, open data, data privacy and security, blockchains, standards)
  • Smartphone applications
  • Hardware
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Environmental sensors
  • Smart poles

Project summary

Councils project is to deliver healthy, green and smart built environment ChillOUT hubs as part of the Cool Places Urban Oasis Program. These open-air community spaces include IoT environmental sensors to measure urban heat microclimates, mobile charging stations that integrate with furniture, Wifi access points, flexible work and rest spaces.

The challenge

Council's challenge is to provide community open spaces that combat urban heat island effects while offering places & infrastructure that are people-friendly and beneficial to the areas livability and therefore "activating" those areas.


The ChillOUT hub is a wired-up, open-air public space providing accessible inter-generational community spaces for use 24-7. ChillOUT hubs are smart outdoor spaces enabled with a system of IoT, wireless network, and rest and play areas.


ChillOUT hubs are an innovative, creative and collaborative space where people can connect technologically, professionally and socially. They also collect data to aid council's future city plans and environmental strategy. These hubs are scalable due to their modular design.


There has been a discovery session taken at each site to determine the demographic which will assist in the design of each hub.

The ChillOUT hubs design concepts are being revised and will be reviewed.

Contact details

Name: Nick Takos
Phone: 0293306457