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The Latrobe Valley Information Network (LVIN)


Attentis Pty Ltd

The Latrobe Valley, Victoria

Project stage



Start date: 01 December 2017
End date: 31 December 2018

Project value

Australian Government funding:


  • Latrobe City Council
  • Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

Focus area

  • City and community planning
  • Visitor experience
  • Innovation and economic development
  • Facility and services management (buildings, energy, waste, utilities)
  • Public safety (crime and disaster prevention and management)
  • Education and public health
  • Natural environmental data and measurement (air quality, dust, noise, waterways)

Project type

  • Disaster management
  • Community engagement
  • Visitor experience
  • Public safety
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart governance

Technology type

  • Internet of Things
  • Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Network infrastructure
  • Data Management (Data platform, open data, data privacy and security, blockchains, standards)
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Environmental sensors
  • Smart poles
  • IT systems (interoperability)
  • Online portal

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Project summary

The Latrobe Valley Information Network is the largest real-time environmental monitoring and mitigation network constructed. Consisting of 45 multifunction sensors strategically placed throughout the 1,470 sqm Latrobe Valley, this comprehensive network combines bushfire ignition detection, river and stream level monitoring, air quality tracking and 24-hour micro-climate weather conditions to provide early notification of fires, floods and air quality issues, such as storm asthma that can impact the lives of local residents. 75,000 residents of the Latrobe Valley have free access to view real-time conditions, rainfall, air composition, and notifications from local agencies and emergency services. Visit

The challenge

The project was designed to connect the community of the Latrobe Valley with relevant, real-time, local environmental information to create community resilience and awareness of conditions that impact their daily lives. The Latrobe Valley has experienced significant events (Black Saturday, Hazelwood Mine Fire etc) that impacted residents. The LVIN aims to inform all community members, industries and agencies through a greater understanding of local conditions and support mitigation through early detection.


The LVIN consists of a series of Attentis intelligent sensors located in high risk locations throughout the region to provide early warning for a multitude of events including bushfire ignition, floods, air quality, asthma and severe weather impacts. Early detection and instant notification will reduce the scale of the impact on the community as well as provide continuous information throughout an event.


Access to live information and notifications maintains a well-informed community. All residents, industries and agencies can make informed decisions to reduce the impact of environmental events. The Attentis network is scalable geographically and in capability. Additional sensing and locations can be easily incorporated into the network due to the modular / network design.


The response and support from the community has been overwhelming. The network is being used daily by a complete range of emergency services as well as local agencies and organisations. The network was also awarded the 2019 Smart Cities Award - Smart City of the Year 2019 - Regional and was also awarded 2019 Australian IoT Awards - Best Government Project and Best Overall Project for 2019.

Contact details

Name: Cameron McKenna
Phone: 0408308012