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Smart Cities and Suburbs

The $50 million Smart Cities and Suburbs Program is supporting the delivery of innovative smart city projects that improve the livability, productivity and sustainability of cities and towns across Australia.

Stakeholder Survey & Smart Cities Communities of Practice

In 2019 the department sought stakeholder feedback on the challenges and opportunities to support smart cities, regions and towns across Australia. This stakeholder engagement included a survey and a Summary of the Smart Cities, Towns and Regions in Australia Survey is available.

A number of Communities of Practice related to smart cities have been established.

Round Two outcome

The Hon Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population, announced the outcome of Round Two of the Program on 19 November 2018.

In Round Two, 32 projects located all around Australia will benefit from over $21 million of Australian Government funding. Round Two was highly competitive, 102 applications were received.

Applications for Round Two of the Program closed on 2 July 2018. For information on the application process visit:

Round Two successful projects

Lead Applicant

Project Title

Grant Amount


ACT Housing

Digitised choice-based letting for the ACT public housing portfolio



City of Parramatta Council

Melrose Park: Smart planning for Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods



Wollondilly Shire Council

Western Sydney Parkland City Sensor Network Project



Lake Macquarie City Council

The Smart Beaches Project



Wollongong City Council

Illawarra-Shoalhaven Smart Water Management



Cumberland Council

Granville Smart Precinct Pilot Project



Mid-Western Regional Council

Mid-Western Regional Council (MWRC) Smart Water Meter (SWM) Project



Randwick City Council

Integrated Smart Parking System: Emerging and Shared Approaches



Georges River Council

ChillOUT: Smart Social Spaces Creating Connected Green Places



Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

Googong Smart Community: Smart Suburb Blueprint



Cantebury-Bankstown Council

Canterbury Bankstown Council Closing the Loop on Waste Project



Council of the City of Broken Hill

Australia's First Heritage City becomes an Australian Future City



Randwick City Council

Coogee Smart New Technologies at the Beach



Alice Springs Town Council

Smart Solar Trees: an integrated park management system



City of Palmerston

City of Palmerston - The Place for People



Logan City Council

Flooded Roads Smart Warning System (FRSWS)



Cairns Regional Council

Smart Urban Irrigation Project



Maranoa Regional Council

Maranoa Regional Council SCADA Implementation for Water, Sewerage, Gas



Bundaberg Regional Council

Reducing urban glow: supporting sea turtle survival using open data



Logan City Council

Community-focused smart technologies to enhance flood resilience



Corporation of the City of Marion

Oaklands Smart Precinct Proposal



Town of Gawler

Gawler: Connected Community



Launceston City Council

Greater Launceston Transformation -Creating our Digital Future



City of Maribyrnong

Footscray Smart City for Social Cohesion (SC2)



Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Mornington Peninsula Smart Parking and Amenities for High Demand Areas



Manningham City Council

Smart Technologies - Reinventing Neighbourhoods



City of Whittlesea

Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network, enabling data to drive change



City of Monash

i-Sense Oakleigh: The Smart Connected Precinct



Wyndham City Council

Smart Sports Field Planning, Monitoring and Management



Ballarat City Council

Ballarat is Open - A Platform for Innovation, Data and Collaboration



City of Canning

Wharf Street Basin: A Next Generation Community Park



City of Melville

Local Government Facilities as a Grid Paralleled Mode Micro-grid"




Round One outcome

On 17 November 2017, the successful projects of Round One of the Program were announced. Forty nine projects will benefit from a total of $27.7 million in Australian Government funding, across all states and territories.

Round One was highly competitive, with 176 applications received. Successful projects are being co-funded by partners including local governments, industry, research organisations and the private sector. In addition to the Australian Government’s funding, project partners including local governments, industry, research organisations and the private sector are contributing almost $36 million.

Successful projects from Round One are available on the Smart Cities Collaboration Platform.

New To Smart Cities and Smart Technology? Get Future Ready

Local governments that are new to smart cities and smart technology can access material from the Future Ready incubation series. The series ran between May and December 2017 to complement the program and build smart cities capability.

Successful projects under Round One

ACT | NSW | NT | Qld | SA | Tas. | Vic. | WA

Australian Capital Territory

Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Smart Precinct Woden Ecospectral Pty Ltd Woden, ACT $110,000 $110,000 $220,000
Sensor technology for temperature, lighting and motion will be installed in buildings and bus interchanges in Woden, ACT to provide real-time analysis of, and response, to people in the built environment. Sensors will allow energy systems to be automatically adjusted in response to usage, leading to reduced energy consumption and improved safety and security.


New South Wales

Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Smart Move Newcastle: Intelligent Mobility, Energy and Data Newcastle City Council Newcastle, NSW $4,983,680 $8,535,865 $13,519,545
The project will deliver a city-scale transport, energy and digital infrastructure network including laser-enabled roadside poles, solar and battery powered electric vehicle charge points, smart bus stops and smart parking. This infrastructure will be the Australian benchmark for integrated urban systems at a city scale, available to peers for replication nationally and internationally.
Liveable Neighbourhoods in Lake Macquarie and Sydney City University of Technology Sydney Lake Macquarie and Sydney City, NSW $433,000 $433,000 $866,000
This project will build and test an environmental platform providing data on heat, air quality and noise. This platform will be of benefit to councils as it will facilitate more efficient and targeted management responses to urban heat, poor air quality and noise.
Smart Strategic Plannning, Byron Byron Shire Council Mullumbimby, NSW $143,125 $144,375 $287,500
The project will develop 3D mapping tools that use virtual reality to engage communities directly in complex urban planning. This will benefit the community as visualisation of planned decisions will support better informed engagement in development decisions and demonstrate the benefits of urban growth in regional and rural settings.
Smart Social Spaces, Georges River Council The University of New South Wales Georges River Council, NSW $296,943 $360,799 $657,742
This project will install sensors on street furniture and use behaviour and social media mapping to record real time use of urban furnishings in public spaces. This will benefit local government by allowing evidence based management of public space and infrastructure.
Smart Transport, Macquarie Park Macquarie University Macquarie Park, NSW $499,000 $500,000 $999,000
This project will deliver 3D city modelling using population mobility data derived from mobile phone towers as well as data on other variables such as education and energy, transport and land use. This modelling will provide information on how sectors of the population interact with the city facilitating evidence based decision for future investments and planning.
Smart Cities, Smart Liverpool, Smart Pedestrians Liverpool City Council Liverpool, NSW $120,000 $120,000 $240,000
This project will use smart phone detection technology for real-time measurement of pedestrian and car movements. This real time data will benefit the community by enabling the council to make informed decisions about transport and urban planning, accommodating population growth impacts on mobility.
3D Technology for Urban Planning in Woollahra Council of the Municipality of Woollahra Woollahra, NSW $115,000 $185,000 $300,000
This project will implement the latest 3D technologies to develop a new platform where the community can access a 3D representation of the current building environment, development approvals and proposed planning changes. This will benefit the council by increasing engagement of the community and stakeholders in the planning and development of the local urban environment.
Smart Mobility, Sydney The Council of the City of Sydney Sydney, NSW $340,000 $340,000 $680,000
The project will invest in walking counting technology at a large scale across the local government area to collect data on people movement. Data will be publically available and allow for evidence-based decisions for future investment in infrastructure planning, waste collection, city maintenance, pedestrian infrastructure, late night activity areas, safety improvements and event planning.
Goldenfields MyH2O App Goldenfields Water County Council Temora, NSW $100,000 $100,000 $200,000
This project will invest in the development of a MyH2O mobile app to allow council consumers to access their hourly water usage via smart phones or tablets to track daily water usage and costs, set consumption targets and receive alerts if targets are exceeded or leaks are detected. Real time access to water consumption data will benefit residents by assisting them to reduce consumption and prevent bill shock.
Smart Regional City, Queanbeyan Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council Queanbeyan, NSW $452,168 $452,168 $904,336
This project will integrate smart services (parking, lighting, sensors) 3D digital city modelling and open data in Queanbeyan-Palerang. This will benefit the community by stimulating economic and business development and improving council services.
Smart parking, Central Coast Central Coast Council Terrigal and Gosford, NSW $104,735.00 $150,812 $255,547
This project will invest in smart parking technology (vehicle sensors, smart phone apps) to improve the management of heavily congested parking areas on the Central Coast. This will benefit the community by improving parking and traffic congestion and will better prepare the council for managing future congestion predicted with population and economic growth.
Community WI-FI and Open Data, Bathurst Bathurst Regional Council Bathurst, NSW $152,500 $152,500 $305,000
The project will install Wi-Fi access points providing internet services to the community and real time communication of tourism, traffic, weather, council, business and service information to registered users. Data from users will be used by Council for town planning and to support the development of businesses within the community.
Smart Urban Planning for Logan and Canada Bay University of Sydney Logan, QLD and Canada Bay, NSW $100,000 $100,000 $200,000
This project will develop methods and tools to capture opinions of citizens on urban topics expressed online. This will enable trend analysis of urban development opinions improving decision making by local councils.
Energy Data for Smart Decision Making Australian PV Institute Limited Byron Bay NSW, Bendigo VIC, Ku-ring-gai NSW, Waverly NSW, Banyule VIC, Canterbury NSW, Bankstown NSW, Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW, Manningham, VIC, Towong $430,000 $462,000 $892,000
Spatial data and data on solar exposure, energy generation and consumption will be used to develop an open modelling platform. The platform will benefit end users by allowing them to calculate their solar power potential and make informed decisions on investment in solar power generation.


Northern Territory

Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Switching on Darwin City of Darwin Darwin City, NT $5,000,000 $5,000,000 $10,000,000
This project will implement city-scale smart infrastructure in Darwin including smart services (lighting, parking, wifi) integrated through an open IoT platform. Smart technology will contribute to city rejuvenation and, together with open data, will help to stimulate new partnerships and business growth, creating new job opportunities and helping to combat social and safety challenges.
Smart Ways to Reduce Waste, Alice Springs Charles Darwin University Alice Springs, NT $251,410 $251,411 $502,821
Separate skips for waste and recyclable materials that contain sensors that self-notify for collection will be implemented at construction sites. Smart skips are beneficial as they reduce the amount of mixed waste skips on construction sites and encourage on site sorting of waste in turn reducing the amount of recyclable waste entering landfill.



Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Reducing Urban Impacts on the Great Barrier Reef Cairns Regional Council Cairns City, QLD $827,894 $827,894 $1,655,788
This project will install a connected network of environmental sensors in urban waterways to obtain real-time water quality data on discharges entering the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. This will benefit the Park by facilitating automated and targeted evidence based management of water quality.
Sustainable Urban Growth, Bells Creek The University of Queensland Bells Creek, QLD $205,000 $235,000 $440,000
This project will use bioacoustics technology in urban habitats of Bells Creek, QLD to monitor frog populations that are threatened by urbanisation. This will benefit biodiversity management in residential areas by allowing frog species to be identified and evidence based management to be exercised.
Digital Permits for Disability Parking, Rockhampton Rockhampton Regional Council Rockhampton City, QLD $125,000 $125,000 $250,000
This project will connect technical experts with local stakeholders to develop digital solutions linking Australia’s disability parking permit scheme to existing parking sensor technologies. This will increase the regulatory efficiency for the council and benefit permit holders by reducing costs and processing time associated with permit applications.
Interactive Development Platform, Ipswich V2i Pty Ltd Ripley Valley, Ipswich, QLD $333,000 $407,000 $740,000
This project will implement interactive 3D virtual reality that allows users to comment online, hold discussions, suggest changes and create reports on urban development plans. This visualisation will benefit the community by providing an accessible means to communicate their concerns and requests, allowing the community to become a part of the development decision-making process.
Streamlined Access to Community Services, Moreton Bay Moreton Bay Regional Council Moreton Bay Regional Council, QLD $100,000 $100,000 $200,000
This project will apply machine learning to the council’s customer service data to automatically assign requests to the appropriate work team without manual intervention. This will benefit the customer and council by reducing manual processing time.
Automated Traffic Management, Fraser Coast Fraser Coast Regional Council Maryborough and Hervey Bay, QLD $152,500 $152,500 $305,000
This project will install integrated traffic counters with automatic database upload in the urban areas of Maryborough and Hervey Bay. Open data will be provided in real time, allowing for planned mitigation of traffic movements, and data analysis will allow evidence-based decisions for investment in traffic management and infrastructure.
Yeppoon Town Centre Smart Precinct Project Livingstone Shire Council Yeppoon, QLD $200,000 $200,000 $400,000
Development of the Yeppoon Town Centre Smart Precinct will provide street solar lighting, access to free data, data capture and analytics, local vendor advertising and wayfinding smart kiosks. This technology will benefit the community by attracting investment, creating jobs and transitioning the community into a digitally-innovative city.
Smart Parking, North Lakes Moreton Bay Regional Council North Lakes, QLD $450,000 $450,000 $900,000
The project will trial smart parking technology to improve traffic congestion associated with the introduction of pay parking at the North Lakes shopping centre. This will benefit the community by reducing traffic and parking congestion, and data analytics will allow the council to make evidence based parking management and investment decisions for the future.


South Australia

Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Connected Cities, Prospect City of Prospect City of Prospect, City of Burnside, City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of Playford, Campbelltown City Council areas of SA $144,900 $145,000 $289,900
This project will install networked remote sensors to provide ongoing data about the use of council assets such as parks and main streets. These open datasets will benefit councils by allowing them to make evidence based decisions for the management of public assets and use resources more efficiently.
Smart Access to Community Services, Mid Murray Region Mid Murray Council Mid Murray Region, SA $195,426 $238,854 $434,280
This project will install information kiosks and beacons in 11 towns in the Mid Murray Region. This will benefit the community by improving access to Council services and providing increased opportunities to access government services, job finding and social connection services.
Heywood Park Smart City Precinct Corporation of the City of Unley Heywood Park Unley, SA $240,000 $240,000 $480,000
This project will incorporate a range of smart technologies such as lighting, CCTV, parking, signage and waste bins connected to a single control point. This will benefit the community as the council will be able to efficiently manage assets and services improving the functionality and aesthetics of the precinct.
Smart Tourist Town, Kapunda Light Regional Council Kapunda (main street and town square), SA $159,224 $185,119 $344,343
Investment in technology such as CCTV, Wi-Fi, bin sensors, electric car charging systems, renewable energy generation and LED public lighting will contribute to digital transformation of Kapunda. In addition data analytics will be used to improve marketing and promotion of the town and provide evidence for future investment.
Smart Wayfinding in Port Adelaide Centre City of Port Adelaide Enfield Port Adelaide, SA $100,000 $100,000 $200,000
This project will develop an interactive digital platform that integrates maps, websites and destination information for Port Adelaide. This will benefit the local community and visitors to the area by providing easy digital navigation for the city and open source data will benefit the local council in improving the connectivity of currently fragmented services in the city.
Connecting communities with Smart Services in Alexandrina Alexandrina Council Goolwa, Ashbourne, Strathalbyn, Port Elliot, Langhorne Creek, Milyang and Mount Compass, SA $100,000 $119,600 $219,600
The project will invest in public Wi-Fi and associated data analytics for the Alexandrina district. This investment will facilitate equitable access to council support services and increase connectivity within the community, building resilience. In addition, data analytics will assist the council in providing targeted services for planning and investment.



Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Launceston City 3D modelling Launceston City Council Launceston, TAS $1,580,000 $1,920,997 $3,500,997
This project will deliver 3D city modelling using population mobility data derived from mobile phone towers as well as data on other variables such as education and energy, transport and land use. This modelling will provide information on how sectors of the population interact with the city facilitating evidence based decision for future investments and planning.



Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Latrobe Valley Sensor Network Attentis Pty Ltd Morwell - Latrobe Valley, VIC $731,170 $731,170 $1,462,340
This project will install a sensor network in the Latrobe Valley to collect real time data on environmental conditions. This will benefit the emergency response sector by allowing the early detection of variables that pose an emergency risk. In addition it will benefit the agriculture and forestry sectors by facilitating the efficient allocation of resources such as water based on real time environmental data.
Smart Community Services for the Southern Grampians Southern Grampians Shire Council Southern Grampians Shire, Hamilton, VIC $150,000 $150,000 $300,000
This project will deliver enabling technologies (network, platform, Wi-Fi) that allow smart city solutions (smart lighting, security, sensors) to be implemented. This technology will benefit the community by building local digital capacity, increasing city connectivity and providing data to support decision making and management.
Smart Planning, Werribee Wyndham City Council Werribee, VIC $294,820 $300,000 $594,820
This project will develop a mixed reality platform using 3D modelling, holographic images and virtual reality, enabling citizens and urban planners to view urban structures overlaid over existing physical environments. This will benefit the community by making government data and information more easily understood and will benefit local governments by increasing stakeholder engagement in urban planning.
3D City Planning of Moreland Council Moreland City Council Moreland City Council area, VIC $396,900 $439,912 $836,812
The project will use smart data capture technologies to generate a 3D model of the Moreland City Council area. Tools like virtual reality and augmented reality will be used to create visualisations of major council infrastructure projects, benefiting the community and council by increasing the opportunity for community consultation in investment decisions.
Interactive city management in Melbourne Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Brimbank City, Kingston City, Port Phillip City, VIC $400,000 $471,045 $871,045
This project will install a sensor network collecting data on use of public spaces and will build an interactive platform to allow for live community feedback on facilities. This will enable improved management of services by providing evidence to target allocation of scarce resources.
Smart Redevelopment, Victoria Maroondah City Council City of Maroondah, VIC $225,000 $225,000 $450,000
This project will use new online data and spatial analytics planning tools to identify residential precincts with high redevelopment potential. This will benefit local communities by facilitating partnerships between local communities and the development sector to improve housing supply, affordability and diversity.
Delivering accessible and improved processes and platforms for CLUE Melbourne City Council Melbourne, VIC $350,000 $350,000 $700,000
This project will invest in a new visual interactive cloud system to improve the user experience of the Census of Land Use & Employment survey data. By making data analysis easy for non-technical users it will encourage the use of the data for evidence-based decisions for local government.
Smart Transport and Precinct Planning, Atherstone Lendlease Communities (Atherstone) Pty Ltd, Melton, VIC $100,000 $100,000 $200,000
This project plans to use mobile phone location data to understand the use of Atherstone community facilities. This information will benefit the community by identifying the need for future infrastructure investments for recreational areas and transport facilities.
Clever and Creative Geelong City of Greater Geelong Geelong, VIC $415,000 $581,000 $996,000
The project will engage local manufacturing companies to deliver LED lighting, environmental sensing, digital signage, public address system, smart parking and free Wi-Fi. This will benefit the community by encouraging local industry growth in digital services. Data analytics associated with technology will provide evidence based decisions for planning.
Smart Active Transport - Urban Heat Maps for Bendigo Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Bendigo, VIC $118,235 $130,000 $248,235
A platform will be developed that uses satellite surface temperature data to enable pedestrians and cyclists to map low temperature routes on hot days. This will benefit the community by facilitating active travel despite temperature variables and will benefit the council by providing information on frequently used routes to invest urban greening efforts.


Western Australia

Project Title Lead applicant Project location Grant Amount Co-contribution Total project value
Resilient Energy and Water Systems, Fremantle Curtin University Fremantle, WA $2,578,099 $5,682,914 $8,261,013
Block chain technology (distributed ledger) will be used to establish an integrated power, water and mobility system comprising of renewable energy generation, battery storage, recycled and rainwater storage and distribution and an electric vehicle shared ownership trial. This project will demonstrate the benefits of integrating various technology platforms to deliver energy and water efficiency outcomes.
Smart Cities Collaboration, Perth City of Perth Perth, WA $1,314,494 $1,314,494 $2,628,988
This project will provide a Smart Cities Collaboration Market Place platform enabling the city and its partners to collaborate and exchange ideas and data to evolve and scale technologies. Pilots including a smart irrigation trial in public parks and a smart precinct project around the new Perth Stadium, will kick start use of the platform to demonstrate the benefits of collaboration in city planning.
Smart Monitoring and Management, Yellagonga Wetlands City of Joondalup Yellagonga Regional Park, WA $867,000 $1,182,000 $2,049,000
This project will use sensors, satellites and drones to collect real-time environmental, water quality and public usage data to create an integrated monitoring system for the Yellagonga wetlands. This will benefit management of the wetlands by reducing inefficiencies and information gaps associated with manual data collection.
RailSmart Planning, Wanneroo University of Western Australia Wanneroo, WA $500,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Real time patronage and station use data will be used to transform the way Perth metropolitan rail station precincts and employment zones along the Metronet extension are planned and developed to maximise employment and community outcomes.
Energy Efficient Housing, South East Perth City of Gosnells City of Gosnells, Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and City of Armadale council areas, WA $132,781 $132,782 $265,563
This project will use Wi-Fi temperature loggers and infrared drone images to collect data on the effect of roof colour on home temperature and display this data on a smart sign at the front of new housing estates in outer metro Perth. Signs will also direct viewers to an online platform with ideas for sustainable home design and green building, to encourage new home buyers and builders to uptake light coloured roofing.
Automated Vehicle Trial, Perth RAC WA Holdings Pty Ltd South Perth, WA $490,000 $490,000 $980,000
This project will test and evaluate a driverless electric shuttle that will provide the Australian public with a user experience of automated transport technology. It will demonstrate whether automated transport technology is a feasible solution for urban transport challenges in Australia.
Smart Emergency and Fire Management, Collie Shire of Collie Collie, WA $118,088 $128,088 $246,176
The project will invest in a digital radio network for the shire that can interact with the Western Australian Emergency Radio Network and the Shire’s bush fire vehicles. The main benefit of this investment is establishing direct and integrated communication, which is essential to avoid mistakes and provide a coordinated emergency response to the community in time-critical situations.