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Cities Performance Framework

The Australian Government launched the first National Cities Performance Framework on 8 December 2017. The Performance Framework was updated with new data in July 2019.

The Performance Framework provides a snapshot of the productivity and progress of Australia’s largest 21 cities (eight capital cities and 13 other major cities with a population of 80 000 and more) plus Western Sydney. It is the first official framework of its kind in Australia and brings together critical data on our cities in an easily accessible online format.

In one location, you can track the performance of cities across key measures: Jobs and Skills; Infrastructure and Investment; Liveability and Sustainability; Innovation and Digital Opportunities; Governance, Planning and Regulation; and Housing.

The Performance Framework is assisting all levels of government, industry and the community to better target, monitor and evaluate cities policy and investments, including through City Deals.

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How was it developed?

The Performance Framework draws on a range of Australian and international performance frameworks, data sources and literature.

The Government has consulted widely on the Performance Framework—including through expert workshops, roundtables, bilateral meetings and an online forum established for the Cities Reference Group.

The Government also released the Performance Framework Interim Report for public feedback in July 2017 and received submissions.

Future directions

The Performance Framework is a living resource that will be improved through annual updates and three-yearly reviews. This will include ongoing cooperation with governments, industry and the community to improve the underpinning data.

Visit the National Cities Performance Framework Dashboard to explore the data or download the National Cities Performance Framework Final Report PDF: 3622 KB

Key dates

  • Interim Report released
    20 July 2017
  • Interim Report feedback deadline
    18 August 2017
  • Final Report released
    December 2017
  • First annual update
  • Second annual update
  • Three yearly review