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Public submissions to consultation on proposed heavy vehicle road reform

Public submissions to the consultation on proposed changes to the way heavy vehicle charges are set and invested closed on 28 October 2020. For more information about the proposed changes, please refer to the consultation page.

Submissions are published below in the order they were received. Only submissions that requested to be kept in confidence have been omitted from publication.

1 City of Canning XLSX: 14 KB
2 Australian Trucking Association PDF: 214 KB ReadSpeaker
3 Australian Logistics Council PDF: 632 KB ReadSpeaker
4 City of Playford DOCX: 17 KB
5 Local Government Association of South Australia PDF: 186 KB ReadSpeaker
6 Roads and Transport Directorate PDF: 354 KB ReadSpeaker
7 Link WA PDF: 110 KB ReadSpeaker
8 Queensland Transport and Logistics Council PDF: 165 KB ReadSpeaker
9 NatRoad PDF: 1002 KB ReadSpeaker
10 Toll Group PDF: 385 KB ReadSpeaker
11 Gas Energy Australia PDF: 222 KB ReadSpeaker
12 Roads Australia PDF: 267 KB ReadSpeaker
13 Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia PDF: 265 KB ReadSpeaker
14 Municipal Association of Victoria PDF: 188 KB ReadSpeaker
15 Industrial Logistics Institute PDF: 534 KB ReadSpeaker
16 CBH Group PDF: 237 KB ReadSpeaker
17 Linfox Logistics PDF: 193 KB ReadSpeaker
18 EROAD PDF: 189 KB ReadSpeaker
19 Blacktown Council PDF: 2383 KB ReadSpeaker
20 National Heavy Vehicle Regulator PDF: 410 KB ReadSpeaker
21 Australian Rail Track Corporation PDF: 705 KB ReadSpeaker
22 Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association DOCX: 1357 KB
23 National Farmers' Federation PDF: 705 KB ReadSpeaker
24 Local Government Association of Tasmania PDF: 266 KB ReadSpeaker