The National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot

The National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot (the National Pilot) aims to design and test options for replacing heavy vehicle registration fees and fuel-based charges with a fairer, more transparent and more efficient user charging system.

There are two confirmed stages of the National Pilot:

  • Foundation (2018–2019) Developing the foundation for on road trials

This is a collaborative effort between governments, industry and expert consultants to model different charge options, work through options for charge collection, define data requirements and collect baseline information to support evaluation.

  • On-Road Trials (2019–2020) Providing transparency and testing practical application

Heavy vehicle operators who volunteer to participate in the initial small scale, or continuing, larger scale on-road trials , will report road use data and receive a ‘mock bill’ outlining what they would have paid under different charging scenarios. This will test the back end system while providing operators with information on how potential new charges could work for their business. Participant feedback and findings from the on-road trials will inform a decision by governments about whether to progress the National Pilot further.

Individual heavy vehicle operators are encouraged to join with governments and industry peak bodies to progress the National Pilot.

Participation in the on-road trials is voluntary and we will be recruiting participants throughout 2019. These first two stages of the National Pilot do not involve participants paying any charges.

You can register your interest in participating in the National Pilot by emailing

The links below provide further information on the National Pilot.