Heavy Vehicle Charging Trials

The Australian Government is working with the heavy vehicle industry, community stakeholders, and other levels of government to progress Heavy Vehicle Road Reform.

Heavy Vehicle Road Reform has two main elements:

  • Charging reform: A more transparent, fair and efficient system—better matching road charges to road use; and
  • Investment reform: A user-focused road investment system—better ensuring that road infrastructure meets the needs of road users.

A reformed system built on these two elements can deliver a big productivity boost for industry and the national economy—between $6.5bn and $13.3bn over 20 years.

Research, policy work and international experience suggests the current system in Australia can be improved. Together, governments, industry and other shareholders need to test improvement options before considering their implementation.

Putting theory to the test, including out on the road, will help ensure reforms have real-world benefits for both the heavy vehicle industry and governments.

The Australian Government is looking to work with the heavy vehicle industry—from individual owner-operators right through to large national organisations—community stakeholders and other levels of government to design and progress trials at both the national and local level, through:

To learn more about these trials, and how your business or organisation can be involved, click on the links above.