Regional Data Hub: Accessible data and insights for Australia’s regions

The Regional Data Hub (the Hub) is part of the Australian Government's $13.7 million Better Data Use to Support Delivery for Regional Australians program connecting regional Australians to information and data about their communities in a single, accessible location.

Launching in early 2023, the Hub will be an important and enduring online resource providing timely and accurate information about Australia's regions for a range of users including regional communities, local leaders, industry, and all levels of government.

For more information on the Hub and its functionality, an introductory video is available below.

What will be available on the Hub?

Users will have access to an extensive and easy to use data catalogue containing data on a broad range of topics and key themes of interest to regional Australians.

The Hub will also feature educational materials, downloadable datasets, interactive tools and other features enabling users to interrogate and explore data.

How is it being developed?

Following a nation-wide public consultation process to inform the design of the Hub, a prototype was built and tested with a targeted group of key stakeholders.

Feedback from user testing and a nation-wide road show has informed the final design and content of the Hub ahead of its public release in 2023.

Currently available data

If you're looking for regional data now, we can recommend two resources:

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Regional Data Hub team established, 2020. Consultation commences, May 2021. Consultation completed, June 2021. Consultation results published, September 2021. Prototype hub built for testing, June 2022. Prototype Hub user-testing completed , August 2022. National roadshow completed, November 2022. Regional Data Hub Beta site launched, 2023.