Our work at the ITU

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Australia's support and direct involvement with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its predecessor organisation dates back to 1878.

We have been an active Council member for Region E (Asia and Australasia) since 1959 and we work hard to get the best outcomes for our region and the broader ITU.

Australia is honoured and proud to have been re-elected to the ITU Council in 2022 and we will continue our hard work to bridge the digital divide, improve governance and shape the ITU to respond to the challenges ahead.


Council members represent five regions

Region A The Americas 35 Member States 9 seats  
Region B Western Europe 33 Member States 8 seats  
Region C Eastern Europe 21 Member States 5 seats  
Region D Africa 54 Member States 13 seats  
Region E Asia and Australasia 50 Member States 13 seats (our region)

About the ITU

The ITU is a United Nations specialised agency bringing together governments and industry to develop efficient and affordable global telecommunication networks and services. It focuses on standardisation, radio spectrum management, and the development of and access to information communication technology.