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Media reform green paper—proposals to modernise television regulation in Australia

Published 21 December 2020.

The Australian Government has announced the next stage of proposed media reforms, to better support the Australian media industry and enhance the range and quality of services and content available to all Australians.

The Government is seeking views on the proposed measures outlined in its 'Media Reform Green Paper—modernising television regulation in Australia' at the Have your say page.

The proposed changes include:

  • offering commercial television broadcasters the choice to operate under a new kind of broadcasting licence, with a reduced regulatory burden provided they agree to move at a future point to using less radiofrequency spectrum
  • promoting the public interest by using proceeds from freed-up spectrum to invest in Australian news and screen content
  • introducing an Australian content spend obligation on video-on-demand services
  • formalising the role of national broadcasters as key providers of Australian content.