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2016 ACMA Review—research

The ACMA Review has drawn upon a range of resources to inform its analysis. These resources include a suite of essays by industry and regulatory thought leaders, international papers on best practice regulation and statistical information gathered by PwC for the Review measuring emerging trends in the Australian Communications sector.

Research essays

We commissioned a number of communications and regulatory experts to write essays on the regulatory environment in which the ACMA operates. These essays provide informative background and a deeper context in relation to the changing landscape of communications.

Megan Brownlow—ACMA Review Essay

Megan Brownlow is a media and entertainment industry specialist at PwC with over 20 years' experience in media.

Megan is a board member of the Media Federation of Australia, an Advisory Committee member for the Bureau of Communications Research and the Research Strategy Panel for the Australia Council.

Gerard Goggin—ACMA Review Essay

Gerard Goggin is Professor of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney, with a long standing interest in consumers, digital media, and social justice.

Key books include Disability and the Media (2015; with Katie Ellis), Global Mobile Media (2011), Cell Phone Culture (2006), Virtual Nation: The Internet in Australia (2004), and, with Christopher Newell, Disability in Australia (2005) and Digital Disability (2003).

Richard Hooper—ACMA Review Essay

Richard Hooper has devoted his 50 year career to the converging worlds of media, telecommunications technology.  After executive roles in the BBC, BT and satellite television, he runs an advisory practice with clients in the public and private sec

Rob Nicholls—ACMA Review Essay

Rob Nicholls was previously a research fellow at Swinburne University of Technology working on spectrum policy matters.

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