Round 3—Regional Connectivity Program noticeboard

Take a look at our project noticeboard to find out if there are potential telecommunications projects you may wish to develop into a project application for Round 3 of the Regional Connectivity Program.

Organisation: Upper fine flower NSW community

State: NSW
Location: Upper Fine Flower NSW

Project description:

Provision of mobile phone services for the area upper fineflower nsw. 
Despite requests to the department and service providers Telstra and Optus for near two decades.
No mobile phone service has been provided for the area for farmers but also a small village of residents. 

Contact name: A Kennett
phone: 0438186787

Organisation: N/A

State: QLD
Location: Queensland

Project description:

No phone or internet connectivity in a lot of areas in Cape York and Gulf of Carpentaria. Roadhouses should have mobile phone service and internet connectivity for travellers and stations in the area. For example, travelling between the township of Laura in Queensland to the township of Pormpuraaw in Queensland. No reception between the two towns..hundreds of kilometres and hours of travel. Should be Towers at Hann River Roadhouse and Musgrave Roadhouse at the least. Just one example. Normanton area the same. Put a tower at Howitt for Karumba and Road to Kowanyama and Chillagoe etc. Tower at Bang Bang jump up and Reaphook Ridge. Lots of places for consideration. Losing reception 10km out of a town and nothing for hundreds of kilometres and hours is dangerous.

Contact name: Michael M
phone: 0475935518

Organisation: N/A

State: SA
Location: Pine Point

Project description:

Implement a solution to improve low quality digital services. An ongoing problem of communication "dropouts" and "buffering".

Suggest an on-site discussion first and identify issues...

Followed by community engagement to examine and ultimately rectify our circumstances of no reception most times.

All recommendations and viable alternatives would be recognised as regional growth in partnership.

Pine Point welcomes your commitment to strengthening services and information exchange.

Contact name: Wayne Lynch
phone: 0408893828