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Parliament passes Bill to enhance online safety

New laws passed today will allow the Children’s eSafety Commissioner to take responsibility for the online safety of all Australians, and rename it the eSafety Commissioner.

The Enhancing Online Safety for Children Amendment Bill 2017 will rename the title of the 'Children's eSafety Commissioner' to the 'eSafety Commissioner', reflecting the Commissioner's responsibility to address online safety for all Australians.

This expanded role will see the Office of the eSafety Commissioner working to improve the digital confidence and skills of senior Australians, and establish a national online complaints portal for the reporting of cases where intimate photos or videos have been posted without consent and allow people who need help to access support.

The changes to the title of the Commissioner will make it easier for the public to identify where to go to seek assistance or advice on online safety issues.

The amendments only relate to the general functions of the Commissioner and do not relate to the cyberbullying complaints scheme, which addresses material targeted at children.

To find out more about the eSafety Commissioner visit the Office of the eSafety Commissioner's website.