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New Universal Service Guarantee announced

The Government is ensuring all Australians will have access to voice and broadband services.

The Government has announced the details of its new Universal Service Guarantee (USG), after reviewing the feasibility and cost implications of different approaches to its delivery over the past 12 months.

The USG will update the long standing Universal Service Obligation (USO). The new guarantee will give Australians guaranteed access to broadband as well as voice services, while ensuring current fixed telephone and payphone services are maintained in rural and remote areas.

The USG will use the National Broadband Network to deliver broadband services and will continue to use Telstra's existing copper network for voice services in rural and remote Australia.

The USG will include payphones but further work will be done to determine future payphone needs as the uptake of mobile services increases.

The new guarantee strengthens the Government's commitment to delivering quality telecommunications services, including in rural and remote Australia.

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