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General Licence Reports Summary 2018–2019

Category of TradeCargo DescriptionAggregated VolumeVolume / Amount Type
Container N/A 189,592 TEU
Dry Bulk Cement 1,113,097 MT
Dry Bulk Limestone 2,107,610 MT
Dry Bulk Magnetite 7,433,676 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 401 TEU
General Cargo Break Bulk 17,223 CT
General Cargo Break Bulk 3,000 MT
General Cargo Livestock 53,905 UNIT
General Cargo Other 154,017 UNIT
General Cargo RoRo 302,063 TEU
General Cargo RoRo 1,322 UNIT
Passengers N/A 452,205 PAX


Last Updated: 17 March, 2020