Factsheet: Local Roads Package


photograph of traffic lights

The Australian Government, in partnership with the New South Wales Government, has announced a ten-year road investment programme of over $3 billion for Western Sydney. This programme includes a $200 million package for upgrades to local roads and is part of the Australian Government's plan to build the infrastructure of the 21st century and grow the economy.

What is the Local Roads Package?

In addition to the commitments to major upgrades to The Northern and Bringelly Roads and the construction of a new motorway between the M7 Motorway and The Northern Road, the Government is also funding a local roads package for Western Sydney.

The local roads package will enable the Government to fund a range of minor works in local government areas that will improve local transport connections in Western Sydney.

Minor road upgrades such as traffic lights, roundabouts or additional turning lanes can have the greatest benefits for local communities by increasing safety and improving traffic flows.

How will projects be identified?

photograph of bulldozers at work

The package will fund road upgrades that will provide the greatest benefit for the local community. Both the Australian Government and the New South Wales Government will consult with local councils to ensure that community concerns and suggestions are heard.

Funding for the local roads package will be provided by the Australian Government through the New South Wales Government.


Last Updated: 9 April, 2015