Factsheet: Delivering Western Sydney's Transport Infrastructure for the 21st Century

The Australian Government, in partnership with the New South Wales Government, has announced a ten-year road investment programme of over $3 billion for Western Sydney. This is part of the Australian Government's plan to build the infrastructure of the 21st century and grow the economy.

This programme includes:

  • upgrade of The Northern Road to a minimum of four lanes from Narellan to the M4 Motorway;
  • construction of a new four-lane motorway between the M7 Motorway and The Northern Road;
  • upgrade of Bringelly Road to a minimum of four lanes from Camden Valley Way to The Northern Road;
  • improve interchanges connecting Northern Road and new motorway with arterial roads;
  • a $200 million local roads package.

Partnership between the Australian and New South Wales governments will be integral to achieve the best outcomes for the community and deliver the infrastructure Western Sydney needs.

While this is part of a long-term plan, work will begin on some projects immediately. Residents of Western Sydney—not just airport users—will be able to see the benefits of infrastructure investment well in advance of the airport opening for business.

Growth of Western Sydney

The Government appreciates the need for infrastructure investment, particularly in regions such as Western Sydney. The region is growing significantly, both in terms of its population and its contribution to the national economy. It is therefore important that the infrastructure of the 21st century is in place to support this growth.

Western Sydney is home to over two million residents—over 40 per cent of the Sydney metropolitan population. It comprises the North West and South West Growth Centres as well as the broader Western Sydney Employment Area. It is also one of Australia's largest, most diverse and fastest growing economies.

Western Sydney will undergo significant population and employment growth. By the mid-2030s, one in every two Sydneysiders will call Western Sydney home. The Australian Government recognises the growth in Western Sydney's population, as well as the pressure that it is creating on transport infrastructure.

An airport will be transformational for Western Sydney and a catalyst for investment, growth and job creation for decades to come. Any new airport will need to be supported by a quality surface transport network to ensure the efficient movement of passengers, employees and freight.  Road upgrades will provide better road linkages within the Western Sydney region and benefit the region's growing population, including through reducing commuting times.

Future Proofing for Rail

The NSW Government has already started preserving the corridor for a future extension of the South West Rail Link to the airport. Corridor planning is for a continuation of the South West Rail Link to extend to Badgerys Creek and onto St Marys, where it would connect with Western Line Services, as well as South to Narellan. When it first opens, access to the Western Sydney airport will be provided by road upgrades, park and ride facilities, and public transport services, including new express buses linking directly to Western Sydney. The Australian Government will also preserve a rail corridor and station box at the airport site for future use.


Last Updated: 9 April, 2015