Factsheet: Bringelly Road Upgrade

The Australian Government, in partnership with the New South Wales Government, has announced a ten-year road investment programme of over $3 billion for Western Sydney. This is part of the Australian Government's plan to build the infrastructure of the 21st century and grow the economy. This programme includes an upgrade of Bringelly Road.

Project: Elizabeth Drive between the M7Motorway and The Northern Road
Distance: 14 km
Cost: $1.25 billion
Commonwealth contribution: $1 billion
NSW contribution: $250 million
Timeframe:To be completed before opening of the airport at Badgerys Creek

What will happen?

Bringelly Road will be one of the principal roads links within the South West Growth Centre.

The upgrade will see the widening of Bringelly Road from a two lane road to a minimum four divided road from Camden Valley Way to The Northern Road.

The upgrade will be undertaken in two stages to minimise disruptions to traffic. The first stage will upgrade the section east of King Street to Camden Valley Way, and the second and final stage will upgrade the section west of King Street to The Northern Road to four lanes with a wide central median to allow for the future provision of six lanes.

This is consistent with planning undertaken by the New South Wales Government.

What are the benefits?

photograph of the Northern Road, facing north

Bringelly Road, facing west. Source: Google Maps

  • Increased capacity to handle future traffic growth in the South West Growth Centre and nearby areas and the development of an airport at Badgerys Creek.
  • Improved access to future South West Growth Centre precincts along Bringelly Road.
  • Improved access to the new Leppington railway station and the M5 and M7 Motorways.
  • The upgrade will improve safety for motorists by providing traffic lights at major intersections and a central median to separate opposing traffic flows.
  • Planning by the New South Wales Government is well progressed and construction of the first stage will commence in 2014–15.

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Last Updated: 9 April, 2015