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Concessional RAV entry approvals guide published

A guide to using the concessional RAV entry approval pathway under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation has now been published online.

All road vehicle types – cars, trucks, trailers, caravans etc. – must be entered on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) before they can be provided to the market for the first time in Australia.

The RAV has two approval pathways – vehicle type approval or concessional RAV entry approval – and manufacturers and suppliers need to decide which one is appropriate for each vehicle type.

The concessional RAV entry approval pathway allows individuals and/or companies to apply to enter individual vehicles on to the RAV.

This pathway is for vehicles that have concessions against the national road vehicle standards but are otherwise suitable for use on public roads in Australia.

The guide details who can apply, how to apply and what information must be included in an application. A range of different concessional RAV entry approval criteria are available, depending on the type of vehicle.

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