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How to apply for an approval in ROVER

The process of submitting an application for an approval involves two steps:

  1. Creating a user account in ROVER and signing in
  2. Filling in an online application form for an approval and submitting the form for assessment, including making a payment

Important: Recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer and Safari are not recommended.

On this page:

Creating a user account in ROVER and signing in

When you click on the link to the ROVER portal you will be directed to the ROVER homepage: ‘Welcome to ROVER’.

You may also navigate directly to ROVER by adding the following URL to your browser's address bar:

If you are a current Vehicle Imports System (VIS) or Green Vehicle Guide (GVG) user, you are able to sign in to ROVER using your registered email address and existing password.

If you have forgotten your password for VIS or GVG, please use the ‘Forgot Password?’ function on the ROVER portal.

To create a new account, click on the ‘Create an account’ button.

To create your user account and sign in, enter your email address and first and last names as directed. Then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Note: You must acknowledge in the ‘tick’ box at the bottom of the page that you have read and accepted the Privacy Notice conditions.

An account confirmation will appear on the screen and an email will be sent to your email address from DAM Administrator, subject: 'Password reset request'.

This may take a few minutes.

The link in the email will take you to a department page (this will show on the screen as ‘Reset password’) where you enter a new password, confirm and select ‘Set Password’, following the password conditions below.

Your password needs to be between 10 and 127 characters long and include the following:

  • at least one uppercase and one lower case alphabetic character (A–Z)
  • at least one numeric character (0–9)
  • at least one special character (for example ! $ or %).

Note: Your password should not have been one of your last 6 passwords and should not have been changed within the last 1 days.

Important: The ‘Send a new code’ button is inoperable at this stage and should not be used.

Once your password is confirmed, you may now sign in to ROVER.

Using your email address and newly set password, please sign in. You will go to a ‘User Profile’ screen to enter your contact details. Click on ‘My Account’ (sign in using ‘My Account’—do not sign in using ‘MyGovID’).

You will be directed to an ‘Update Profile’ screen to enter your contact details.

All boxes marked with an asterisk symbol (*) are mandatory fields.

Boxes marked with a (^) symbol indicate that only one field needs to be filled in.

For example, in the contact details section there are three sections marked with a (^) for ‘home phone, mobile phone and work phone’. You only need to enter one contact number but may, if you wish, enter more than one.

You are then required to upload documents to verify your identity. Applicants are required to provide a minimum of 100 points of identification.

Further information is provided to guide you through this process in the ROVER identity verification checklist.

When your profile has been updated, you will automatically go to the dashboard (your homepage).

Important: Do not commence an application until your identity and/or Authority to Act has been verified, as the information entered may not be saved.

Recording an authority to act

You may want to create an Authority to act so you may apply on an organisation or individual's behalf. To do this, click on the ‘Authority to act’ icon, located on the top right-hand side of the screen. You will be taken to a screen ‘Record an Authority to act’ to provide details of the organisation (such as contact details and an ABN or ACN) or details of the individual.

Important: While you can submit an Authority to Act on behalf of an organisation, you will not be able to submit an Authority to Act on behalf of an individual before your identity is verified.

Discontinue an Authority to act

To discontinue an ‘Authority to act’, go to the ‘Existing authorities to act’ table and click on the ’Details’ icon in the table.

Fill in an application form for an approval

Once you are in ROVER, you can access an application by clicking on 'New Applications', then the icon for the relevant approval type.

Further information is available for each application type available on the Guides and resources page.