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Component type approval holders can now vary, suspend or revoke their approvals

Under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation, individuals or companies are able to apply for a component type approval for components used in the manufacture of a road vehicle, including an assembly. Applications for an approval can be made in ROVER.

The department is pleased to confirm that component type approval holders are now able to vary, suspend or revoke their approvals in ROVER.

Component type approvals can be varied for many reasons, including:

  • updating the approval in response to a change to the national road vehicle standards
  • updating information about the supporting information or versions of documents previously submitted
  • seeking to have a specified condition varied, removed or added
  • correcting information relating to other aspects of the approval.

Component type approval holders may also need to make administrative updates to the details they previously provided to the department, such as contact name and address.

To seek any changes to your approval, please visit ROVER.

Updated component type approvals guidance is also available on the RVS legislation guidance material and resources web page.