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You can now apply for a component type approval under the RVS legislation

Applications for a component type approval are now open!

Manufacturers and suppliers can now apply for a component type approval for components used in the manufacture of a road vehicle, including an assembly.

The regulation of component type approvals under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation is key to the Australian Government’s ability to ensure Australians are provided with safe, secure and environmentally-friendly road vehicles.

There are many benefits to becoming a component type approval holder, which can include:

  • manufacturers can streamline their vehicle type approval application processes if they use components that already have a component type approval
  • being able to confirm that your component/s comply with applicable national road vehicle standards, which is a positive selling point
  • being able to provide products to the Australian market that are high quality, safe and environmentally sound

You can find more information on the Component type approvals web page and in the comprehensive Guide to component type approvals.

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