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The many benefits of a component type approval

Vehicle component type approvals (CTAs) have some important benefits for manufacturers and suppliers.

A component type approval demonstrates that you are providing high quality and safe products to the Australian market, making your components more attractive to road vehicle importers and manufacturers.

As the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation is being phased in progressively, component type approval applications opened in 2020.

This phased transition was established so that industry could sequence changes to existing business processes and maximise the benefits of the RVS legislation before 1 July when the RVS legislation replaces the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MVSA).

There are many benefits of having a component type approval.

You can provide vehicle type approval applicants with a ready-made component type approval so they don"t have to rely on their own testing.

Using a component type approval will reduce the administrative burden and mitigate the risk of non-compliance for companies and individuals applying for a vehicle type approval.

For example, low ATM trailer chassis suppliers holding component type approvals enable their customers in the low ATM trailer industry to more confidently meet their approval conditions.

Having a component type approval allows your customers to demonstrate compliance to one or more Australian Design Rules (ADRs) with a single approval number. They will not need to demonstrate their access to information relating to your design and manufacturing processes.

Where your component has a United Nations (UN) approval, getting a component type approval means your customers don"t have to obtain and upload an extract from your UN approval. Your CTA will be published on the department's website.

If you seek approval for a component that does not already have a Component Registration Number (CRN) or Sub-Assembly Registration Number (SARN), you will be able to use the approval as if it were a CRN or SARN for MVSA approvals, however CRN and SARNs cannot be used for RVSA approvals after 1 July 2021.

So, it makes good sense to apply for component type approvals on ROVER now. This allows you to beat the rush of applications and have your approval ready for customers to use when vehicle type approvals commence on 1 July 2021.

Information about how to how to create a ROVER account is available on the ROVER resources webpage. More information about component type approvals is available on the Component type approvals webpage.