RVSA Tools Consultation Group (Terms of Reference)

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The RVSA Tools Consultation Group (RT Consultation Group) has been established as a collaborative forum to enable the department, in-service regulators and industry to:

  • identify issues relevant to the administration of the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation with respect to the RVSA ‘tools’
    • registered automotive workshop, model report, authorised vehicle verifier and testing facility approvals
    • the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles (SEVs) Register
    • non-road use and temporary import approvals
    • component type approvals, and
  • develop practical solutions to those issues to facilitate the smooth and effective implementation of the RVS legislation.

The RT Consultation Group is a:

  • Communications channel between the department, industry and in-service regulators that supports, as appropriate, the co-design of solutions to issues facing the department, industry and in-service regulators
  • Forum that supports the provision of targeted/issue specific industry advice to the department in relation to the development of policy positions


The RT Consultation Group will operate under the following principles:

  • Open and transparent dialogue during and between meetings
  • Remain issue and solution focused and contribute and listen constructively
  • Externally communicate RT Consultation Group outcomes consistent with the intent of the group
  • Documents that are distributed to the RT Consultation Group members for consultation are not for use in presentations or, unless otherwise stated, for wider circulation
  • Matters pertaining to individual members will not be discussed


The RT Consultation Group is chaired by the General Manager, Vehicle Safety Standards Branch or their nominated representative. Secretariat functions are provided by the RVSA Implementation Group within the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch.

The RT Consultation Group membership will represent the following stakeholder groups:

  1. The department
    Representatives from the department will need to have a sound understanding of policy relating to the RVSA tools, import approvals and component type approvals under the proposed RVS legislation
  2. Industry
    The collective representatives from industry need to be able to, as a whole, adequately reflect the views and opinions of all entities intending to use the RVSA tools provisions, apply for non-road use or temporary import approvals and component type approvals.
  3. In-service regulators
    The representatives from in-service regulators need to be able to adequately reflect the views and opinions of their respective jurisdictions with respect to the provision of new and used road vehicles to the Australian market for the first time using one of the RVSA tools, non-road use or temporary import approvals or component type approvals.

Operating rules

Frequency of meetings

Every two (2) months, or as agreed by the members of the RT Consultation Group members, with the option to make decisions on papers offline.


  • A member may send an appropriate proxy if they are unable to attend a meeting.
  • Costs for attending the meetings will be borne by participants.
  • An agenda and associated discussion papers will be circulated by the Secretariat at least one week prior to the relevant meeting.
  • Draft minutes will be circulated by the Secretariat one week after the relevant meeting for acceptance. Once finalised, the minutes will be distributed.

Amendment to the Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by RT Consultation Group members.