Checklist for AVVs verifying road vehicles manufactured or modified by a RAW

This AVV checklist is for verifications undertaken on vehicles modified or manufactured by a registered automotive workshop (RAW).

Your procedures must clearly instruct the person undertaking the verification to:

✔ Obtain a signed declaration from the RAW stating that the vehicle was manufactured or modified in accordance with the latest version of a Model Report for that vehicle and that the RAW is authorised to use that Model Report.

✔ Ensure that you are satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that the documents provided by the RAW are true and accurate:

  • Confirm the Model Report version used by the RAW is the same as the Model Report version from which the verification checklist was provided to you by the department.
  • If the RAW is the Model Report approval holder, confirm there is evidence both the Model Report approval and RAW approval were issued to the same entity.


  • If the RAW is not the Model Report approval holder, confirm that the declaration is accompanied by a letter from the Model Report approval holder authorising use of the Model Report by the RAW for the specific vehicle (or multiple vehicles) for which the particular vehicle (or unlimited vehicles) is identified.

✔ Conduct a Scope Check in accordance with the verification checklist to ensure the vehicle being verified is covered by the Model Report being used.

✔ Check, in accordance with the relevant verification checklist, that all the modifications required by the Model Report have been performed correctly on the vehicle being verified.

✔ Confirm the vehicle passes each deterioration check in the Model Report.

✔ Assess each area of the vehicle listed in the damage and corrosion checklist and assess any damage and corrosion against the limits identified in the Road Vehicle Standards (Limit of Acceptable Damage or Corrosion) Determination 2020 made under section 107 of the Rules.

  • Record any reasons for exceeding the damages and corrosion limits.
  • Check records relating to body alignment check and vehicle history information (where relevant).
  • Check the vehicle's odometer in line with procedures set out in the verification checklist.
  • Obtain supporting documents from a RAW if the odometer has been replaced in order to comply with the Model Report.
  • Complete the Recalls section of the verification checklist.
  • Add the vehicle to the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) only if the vehicle meets the requirements for all aspects of the vehicle verification checks.
  • Record reasons for failure on the verification checklist.
  • Report to the relevant state or territory police authority if the vehicle history report indicates the vehicle was stolen.
  • Notify the department that a verification has been completed within 3 days of completion.
  • Complete the verification report and if the vehicle does not meet verification requirements, provide a copy of the verification report within 1 business day of completing the report.
  • Retain records in accordance with the Road Vehicle Standards (Verification of Road Vehicles) Determination 2020.

Where a vehicle is verified by an AVV because of a condition specified on an approval, your procedures must clearly instruct the person undertaking the verification to verify the vehicle in accordance with the requirements specified in the condition of the approval.