Australian Government guidance on the Optus data breach

Should I make a Report?

This online self-assessment quiz will help guide you on whether your concern is a vehicle safety or non-compliance matter that should be reported to us or be assessed by another organisation.

Below are short questions requiring a yes/no response and each time you provide an answer the following question will appear. Your answers will provide you with some direction on the right place to lodge your report.

Do you want to report unsafe driving?
Do you want to report an unsafe or non-roadworthy vehicle traveling on the road?
Is your concern about a non-road motor vehicle or non-road motorcycle? For more information about vehicles that are considered to be non-road vehicles please go to:
Have you contacted the supplier or manufacturer about your concern?
Are you satisfied with the product, service or outcome you received from the supplier or manufacturer?
Is the vehicle still under warranty?
Are you wanting support to get a repair, replacement or refund?
Do you believe the matter you are reporting is a safety issue related to the design or manufacture of a type of road vehicle?
Do you believe the matter you are reporting is non-compliance with national vehicle standards for a road vehicle (such as the Australian Design Rules)?
Do you believe the matter you are reporting is a breach of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989?

You should report your concern to the vehicle registration authority in your state or territory. Contact details for registration authorities can be found at