Plating vehicles

If your vehicle has been imported under the personal import option, you will need to fit a plate to the vehicle if you wish to register it for road use.

Vehicle registration is the responsibility of the states and territories. You should determine registration requirements from the registering body in the state or territory where you intend to register your vehicle. There is no guarantee that a vehicle (once imported) can be registered for road use. For example, vehicles are generally required to be right-hand drive to suit Australian road conditions.

Vehicles imported under the personal import option

You will need to obtain a personal import plate from the plate provider before seeking registration.

To order your plate you will need to:

  1. Download and print the Endorsement of Compliance Certificate DOCX: 33 KB PDF: 87 KB
  2. Arrange for your vehicle to be inspected by a registered authority approved to inspect imported vehicles. The vehicle inspector will endorse the inspection form.

    As some state and territory registration authorities have different requirements for personal import vehicles, it is suggested you contact your relevant registration authority for the name and location of a licensed endorsement authority to inspect and approve personally imported vehicles.

  3. The document referred to above, once signed, should be forwarded to the plate supplier together with the following information:
    • Change of address form (if applicable, see Letter of Authority/Payment Options DOCX: 24 KB PDF: 9 KB
    • Photo ID (Driver licence or Passport). Please note this is only required if you complete the change of address form.
    • Phone number
    • Payment of $102.30 (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), direct deposit (see Letter of Authority/Payment Options DOCX: 24 KB PDF: 9 KB or money order (no personal cheques accepted)
    • Documents may be sent via email to: or by post to:

      Niddrie Nameplates Pty Ltd
      P.O Box 106,
      NIDDRIE VIC 3042

      Please note: The applicant applying for the personal import plate must be the person whose name appears on the Vehicle Import Approval (VIA). If you are not the original owner, please contact Niddrie Nameplates Pty Ltd direct.

    • After receiving all documents and payment, the compliance plate will be dispatched to the address nominated via courier. A signature is required at time of delivery.
    • Fitting instructions will be dispatched with the compliance plate and, once fitted, you may apply for registration of the vehicle.

For further information, please contact Niddrie Nameplates:

Ph: 03 9335 2977