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Australia's State Aviation Safety Programme


Aviation is an essential part of Australia's economy and community.

Australia has an enviable record in aviation safety, among the best in the world, which has been built on a strong safety governance system, forged over many years.

Australia was a signatory to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) in 1944, and has been a member of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) since its establishment.

From the beginning Australia has been an active participant in, and a strong supporter of ICAO's activities. The availability of safe, regular and efficient air services within Australia and between Australia and the rest of the world is critical to our national interest.

Australia was one of the first countries in the world to have a State Safety Programme (SSP) consistent with ICAO requirements and has worked hard to develop one of the most respected aviation safety systems globally.

However even a mature safety system must look for continuous improvements to ensure the system reflects growing diversity within the aviation industry which increasingly sees new types of aircraft and operations emerging.

Australia's SSP plays an important part in identifying, monitoring and maintaining the effectiveness of the various elements of our safety performance.

The SSP sets out our key safety principles that will continue to underpin our future aviation safety system as well as establishing short, medium and long term safety objectives. This approach is consistent with that established by ICAO's Global Aviation Safety Plan.

Australia's aviation agencies and the aviation industry have significant roles to play in delivering quality safety outcomes.

Australia's SSP recognises it is important for everyone in aviation to work closely and cooperatively to identify safety risks and ensure that the most appropriate practices and technologies are adopted to address and reduce these risks.

It is essential Australia remains flexible and adaptable in responding to the challenges created by rapidly changing domestic and international aviation markets, and our aviation safety system will continue to play an integral part in meeting these challenges.

Darren Chester
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
May 2016

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