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Australia's State Aviation Safety Programme

1. Australia's safety policy, objectives and resources

1.3 Qualified technical personnel

CASA has an established training and development schedule for all staff, with a particular focus on technical training for safety staff, including oversight of SMS. CASA's training programme for safety staff comprises initial, recurrent and specialist modules. This includes a comprehensive induction programme for new inspectorate staff, covering generic training on people management, audit, systems and tools, the regulatory environment and SMS.

All ATSB transport safety investigators complete an 18-month Diploma of Transport Safety Investigation. In addition to pre-requisite technical skills and industry experience they bring to their role, all ATSB investigation staff complete the qualification. Newly recruited ATSB investigators can expect to spend approximately 700 hours working towards the Diploma.

ATSB supports additional professional development opportunities, allowing staff to maintain their technical qualifications, to obtain knowledge and experience in emerging technologies and practices and to undertake tertiary study in fields relevant to the ATSB's functions.

Airservices is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and delivers nationally recognised and accredited qualifications in air traffic control and aviation rescue and fire fighting through the Airservices Learning Academy. The academy addresses technical, operational and safety training requirements to support the workforce.

AMSA is a RTO under the Australian National Training Framework, providing competency based SAR coordination training to AMSA, Defence, Commonwealth and state police forces.

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