Our Vision

An Australia that is future-ready for new transport technologies

Australia needs:

  • Fit-for-pupose policy and regulatory environment
  • Digital and physical infrastructure
  • Technological developments and innovation
  • Public confidence and uptake

We are preparing Australia for future transport technologies by:

  • Regulating safety of automated vehicles
    Australian governments and the National Transport Commission are working together to establish a national framework for regulating the safety of automated vehicles, at their point of entry to the Australian market (‘first supply’) and when they are used on Australian roads (‘in service’), with the aim of having national regulatory arrangements in place by 2026
  • Protecting Australians
    We work to ensure Australians will continue to have appropriate protections when connected and automated vehicles become commercially available in Australia. This includes protections in relation to cyber and data security, consumer rights and personal privacy.
  • Understanding impacts and opportunities
    The uptake of new land transport technologies presents disruption as well as opportunities. We support and monitor trials of future transport technologies to help inform our policies, not only to prepare for impacts but to also be ready to maximise and harness the benefits these technologies can bring.
  • Supporting infrastructure
    Future land transport technologies will have specific digital and physical infrastructure needs, including connectivity to each other and their environments. We are working to ensure these technologies can be supported, as they increasingly become commercially available in Australia and integrated into the fleet.

Our Mission

Strategic leadership and coordination in supporting the safe and legal deployment of future transport technologies to enhance and improve transport accessibility, road safety, congestion and productivity for all Australians.