Newell Highway Corridor Strategy

The Newell Highway Corridor Strategy PDF: 1133 KB (the Strategy) was commissioned by the Australian Government in January 2019 to take into account significant developments that have occurred since the 2015 Newell Highway Corridor study undertaken by the New South Wales (NSW) Government. These significant developments include investment in Inland Rail, a focus on supporting drought-affected areas (including areas along the Newell Highway Corridor) and the Roads of Strategic Importance initiative.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Australia (PwC) was selected via a formal procurement process to develop the Strategy. It documents an evidence-based 10 year roadmap of investment opportunities to ensure the corridor continues to serve the needs of its users in the longer term.

The Strategy will inform future investment on the Newell Highway between the Queensland and Victorian borders, to maximise productivity gains for freight users on the corridor. It will also support the economic growth of communities along the corridor, through identified opportunities for improved integration of the Newell Highway and rail transport options including Inland Rail, and improved safety for all road users.

Three key activities were undertaken to develop the evidence base for further decision making on Australian Government investment:

  • Evaluation of the significance of the corridor, including modelling current and future demand along the corridor
  • Corridor performance, including an assessment of the performance of existing infrastructure assets
  • Engaging with stakeholders in developing the Strategy.

The outcomes from these activities were then used to identify high level potential investment opportunities which were prioritised according to an agreed evaluation framework.

In its 2019 Budget, the Australian Government committed $400 million to the Newell Highway, including the Parkes bypass, under the Infrastructure Investment Program; and $510 million for the Toowoomba to Seymour corridor under the Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI) initiative, $300 million of which is available for the Newell Highway. Priorities for use of this funding will be informed by the Strategy.

The Australian Government will continue to work in partnership with the NSW Government to determine the scope of future infrastructure projects.

About the Newell Highway

The Newell Highway is a significant artery traversing regional NSW and performs an important role in the movement of road freight. The highway contributes to the competitiveness of Australia’s agricultural and mining sectors, opening up access to essential freight networks in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

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