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Significant Projects Investment Delivery Office

The Significant Projects Investment and Delivery Office (SPIDO) was established in January 2021 to focus on nationally significant infrastructure projects that:

  • enhance productivity,
  • deliver public benefit, and
  • achieve commercial return for government.

SPIDO specifically drives projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • are complex and require an innovative approach.
  • are at significant cost - one billion dollars and over.
  • have the potential for positive revenue generation across the lifecycle.

A central component of Australia's COVID recovery phase is broadening our focus on long term infrastructure development for job creation, productivity and growth.

Smart and informed investment today will progress the groundwork that will underpin decades of growth and international investment in Australian business, communities and regions.

SPIDO works across the whole infrastructure ecosystem to seek opportunities to evolve our country's investment in infrastructure.

When facilitating the Australian Government's investment in significant and complex infrastructure projects, SPIDO seeks to adopt new ways of working and collaborating across the Commonwealth, states and territories, local governments, industry bodies and businesses.

SPIDO works with Infrastructure Australia and the Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency, to leverage their existing expertise and to seek opportunities for cross sector collaboration through innovative delivery, funding and financing models.

SPIDO works within various frameworks including the Commonwealth Investment Framework, the National Partnership Agreement on Land Transport Infrastructure Projects and the National Public Private Partnership Policy Framework.

From 2021-22 the Federal Government is investing $110 billion over 10 years in transport infrastructure nationally through its rolling infrastructure pipeline, of which a substantial component is under the Infrastructure Investment Program. Through this pipeline the federal government is working with state and territory governments to build much-needed infrastructure across a number of individual funding programs.

SPIDO is currently working on following projects funded under the Infrastructure Investment Program

SPIDO provides the mechanism to bring together insights, intelligent advice and innovative approaches to drive the projects that will transform our national infrastructure footprint.

Contact the Significant Projects Investment Delivery Office

The Significant Projects Investment Delivery Office can be contacted on or through the Department's main contact details.