Roads Publications

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General Publications

  • Assessment of the need for, and the likely benefits of, enhanced side impact protection in the form of a pole side impact global technical regulation:
    Pole side impact report

    This report includes analyses of the incidence, burden and injury risk associated with side impact crashes from Australian and United Kingdom in-depth and mass crash data sources, as well as an assessment of the likely benefits and costs of a global technical regulation on pole side impact for Australia.
  • Camera effectiveness and backover collisions with pedestrians—a feasibility study:
    Reversing camera report.

    This report identifies international data sources in relation to back-over collisions with pedestrians and outlines how the effectiveness of reversing cameras could best be measured using the available international data sources. As this is a preliminary scoping study only, the report does not provide an actual estimate of reversing camera effectiveness.

    A detailed second stage study has been jointly initiated by the Australian and NSW Governments.

Road Safety Publications

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