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Australian Government involvement in ICAO groups

Australia has maintained a Permanent Mission to ICAO in Montreal since 1947, and is represented on the Council of ICAO and in the Air Navigation Commission.

Australia's current Permanent Representative to ICAO, and Representative on the Council, is Mr Samuel Lucas, appointed in 2016. Mr Ross Adams has been appointed to replace Mr Lucas when his term comes to an end, and will be commencing in this role in September 2021.

Australia's current Nominee to the Air Navigation Commission is Mr Andrew Tiede, appointed in 2018.

The Australian Government's involvement spans all of ICAO's five global strategic objectives—Safety, Air Navigation Capacity & Efficiency, Security & Facilitation, Economic Development of Air Transport, and Environmental Protection.

Officials and experts from a number of Australian Government agencies participate actively in a wide range of ICAO groups, including Panels, Working Groups, Study Groups, and Regional Implementation, Planning and Safety Groups.

These include:

  • Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities:
    • Air Transport Regulation Panel, Aviation Data and Analysis Panel, and Facilitation Panel.
    • Evaluation and Audit Advisory Committee.
    • ICAO Safety Collaborative Assistance Network.
    • Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection.
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority:
    • Aerodromes Design Operations Panel, Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel, Airworthiness Panel, Dangerous Goods Panel, Flight Operations Panel, Information Management Panel, Instrument Flight Procedure Panel, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Panel, Separation and Airspace Safety Panel, Safety Management Panel, and Surveillance Panel.
    • Regional Aviation Safety Group.
  • Airservices Australia:
    • Air Traffic Management Operations Panel, Communications Panel, Frequency Spectrum Management Panel, and Navigation Systems Panel.
    • Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group.
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau:
    • Accident Investigation Panel.
    • Regional Aviation Safety Group.
  • Bureau of Meteorology:
    • Meteorology Panel.
    • Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group.
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority:
    • Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue Working Group).
  • Department of Home Affairs:
    • Aviation Security Panel.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:
    • Public Key Directory, Technical Advisory Group on Traveller Identification Programme.
  • Attorney-General's Department:
    • Legal Committee.

For further information on the Australian Government's involvement in ICAO groups, please contact the relevant agency.