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Aircraft noise disclosure

Sydney Airport : Jet Flight Path Movements 1 Jan 2007 to 31 Dec 2007, All Jets

Sydney Airport : Jet Flight Path Movements
1 Jan 2007 to 31 Dec 2007, All Jets

‘Aircraft noise disclosure’ is a term usually associated with giving advice on aircraft noise exposure levels to prospective house buyers.

The aim of aircraft noise disclosure is to help noise sensitive persons avoid finding themselves in a situation where they are unknowingly exposed to aircraft noise.

That is, the aim is to help them to avoid ‘surprise noise’. Experience has shown that ‘surprise noise’ is likely to be particularly annoying since it is usually associated with people believing that they have either been given misleading information or have had important information withheld from them.


Aircraft Noise in Australia: A Survey of Community Reaction.

Cover of the Aircraft Noise In Australia Survey of Community ReactionIn 1982, the National Acoustics Laboratories released a major study regarding the impacts of aircraft noise on residential communities in Australia. The results were subsequently used in framing relevant Australian Standards and land use planning controls around Australia’s airports still applicable today PDF: 2007 KB

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019