North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority

Section 1: Entity overview and resources

1.1 Strategic direction statement

The North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority (NQWIA) was established on 12 March 2019 as an Executive Agency under Section 65 of the Public Service Act 1999 to provide strategic planning and coordination of Commonwealth resources to implement water projects in northern Queensland.

NQWIA works collaboratively with stakeholders, Local Governments and the Queensland Government to progress the feasibility and planning activities, including the development of business cases, related to major water infrastructure initiatives eligible to receive Australian Government funding from the National Water Infrastructure Fund.

The NQWIA will coordinate the provision of information sharing amongst relevant regulatory authorities in order to implement the projects. In 2019–20, NQWIA will focus strategic planning and coordination for the Hughenden Irrigation Scheme and the Hells Gates Dam Scheme (including Big Rocks Weir) projects.

1.2 Entity resource statement

Table 1.1 shows the total funding from all sources available to NQWIA for its operations and to deliver programs and services on behalf of the Government.

The table summarises how resources will be applied by outcome (government strategic policy objectives) and by departmental (for NQWIA's operations) classification.

Information in this table is presented on a resourcing (i.e. appropriations/cash available) basis, whilst the ‘Budgeted expenses by Outcome 1’ table in Section 2 and the financial statements in Section 3 are presented on an accrual basis.

Table 1.1: North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority resource statement—Budget estimates for 2019–20 as at Budget April 2019

1.3 Budget measures

There are no Budget measures relating to NQWIA detailed in Budget Paper No. 2—Budget Measures.

Table 1.2: Entity 2019–20 Budget measures

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