Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency

Section 3: Budgeted financial statements

Section 3 presents budgeted financial statements which provide a comprehensive snapshot of IPFA's finances for the 2019–20 Budget year, including the impact of Budget measures and resourcing on financial statements.

3.1 Budgeted financial statements

3.1.1 Explanatory notes and analysis of budgeted financial statements

Budgeted departmental income statement

IPFA is budgeting for a break-even operating result, adjusted for depreciation expenses, over the budget and forward estimates period.

Budgeted departmental balance sheet

IPFA's primary liability is accrued employee entitlements.

3.2 Budgeted financial statements tables

Table 3.1: Comprehensive income statement (showing net cost of services) (for the period ended 30 June)

Table 3.2: Budgeted departmental balance sheet (as at 30 June)

Table 3.3: Departmental statement of changes in equity—summary of movement (Budget year 2019–20)

Table 3.4: Budgeted departmental statement of cash flows (for the period ended 30 June)

Table 3.5: Departmental capital budget statement (for the period ended 30 June)

This table is not provided as IPFA does not receive capital funds.

Table 3.6: Statement of asset movements (Budget year 2019–20)

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