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The purpose of the 2018–19 Portfolio Budget Statements (PB Statements) is to inform Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to government outcomes by entities within the portfolio. Entities receive resources from the annual appropriations acts, special appropriations (including standing appropriations and special accounts), and revenue from other sources.

A key role of the PB Statements is to facilitate the understanding of proposed annual appropriations in Appropriation Bills (No. 1 and No. 2) 2018–19 (or Appropriation (Parliamentary Departments) Bill (No. 1) 2018–19 for the parliamentary departments). In this sense, the PB Statements are Budget related papers and are declared by the Appropriation Acts to be ‘relevant documents’ to the interpretation of the Acts according to section 15AB of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

The PB Statements provide information, explanation and justification to enable Parliament to understand the purpose of each outcome proposed in the Bills.

As required under section 12 of the Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998, only entities within the general government sector are included as part of the Commonwealth general government sector fiscal estimates and produce PB Statements where they receive funding (either directly or via portfolio departments) through the annual appropriation acts.

The Enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework

The following diagram outlines the key components of the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework. The diagram identifies the content of each of the publications and the relationship between them. Links to the publications for each entity within the portfolio can be found in the introduction to Section 2: Outcomes and planned performance.

Enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework
- key components of relevant publications

Portfolio Budget Statements (May)
Portfolio based

Supports Annual Appropriations. Informs Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of other resources to government outcomes and programs.

Provides links to relevant programs undertaken by other Commonwealth entities.

Provides high level performance information for current, ongoing programs, particularly a forecast of performance for the current year.

Provides detailed prospective performance information for proposed new budget measures that require a new program or significantly change an existing program.

Corporate Plan (August)
Entity based

Primary planning document of a Commonwealth entity.

Sets out the purposes of the entity, the activities it will undertake to achieve its purposes and the results it expects to achieve over a minimum four year period.

Describes the environment in which the entity operates, the capability it requires to undertake activities and a discussion of risk.

Explains how the entity's performance will be measured and assessed.

Annual Performance Statement (October following year)
Entity based

Included in the Commonwealth entity's Annual Report. Focuses on recent performance.

Reports on the actual performance results for the year against the forecasts made in the corporate plan and Portfolio Budget Statements, and provides other performance information relevant to the entity.

Provides an analysis of the factors that contributed to the entity's performance results.

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