National Capital Authority

Section 2: Revisions to entity outcomes and planned performance

2: Changes to outcome and program structures

The outcome and program structures for the NCA have not changed from that published in the 2017–18 PB Statements.

Australian Government outcomes are the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Australian Government on the Australian community. Commonwealth programs are the primary vehicle by which government entities achieve the intended results of their outcome statements. Entities are required to identify the programs which contribute to Australian Government outcomes over the Budget and forward years.

Each outcome is described below together with its related programs. The following provides detailed information on expenses for each outcome and program, further broken down by funding source.


Performance reporting requirements in the PB Statements are part of the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework established by the PGPA Act. It is anticipated that the performance criteria described in PB Statements will be read with broader information provided in an entity's corporate plans and annual performance statements—included in Annual Reports—to provide an entity's complete performance story.

The most recent corporate plan for the NCA can be found at:

The most recent annual performance statement can be found at:

2.1: Budgeted expenses and performance for Outcome 1

Outcome 1: Manage the strategic planning, promotion and enhancement of Canberra as the National Capital for all Australians through the development and administration of the National Capital Plan, operation of the National Capital Exhibition, delivery of education and awareness programs and works to enhance the character of the National Capital.

Budgeted expenses for Outcome 1

This table shows how much the entity intends to spend (on an accrual basis) on achieving the outcome, broken down by program, as well as by Administered and Departmental funding sources.

Table 2.1: Budgeted expenses for Outcome 1

Table 2.1.2: Performance criteria for Outcome 1

This table is not provided as there have been no changes to the performance criteria for the NCA from that published in the 2017–18 PB Statements.

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