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Section 3: Budgeted financial statements

Section 3 presents budgeted financial statements which provide a comprehensive snapshot of Infrastructure Australia's finances for the 2017–18 Budget year, including the impact of Budget measures and resourcing on financial statements.

3.1 Budgeted financial statements

3.1.1 Explanatory notes and analysis of budgeted financial statements

Budgeted departmental income statement

Infrastructure Australia's expected expense budget is $11. 7m in 2017–18 and $11.6m in 2018– 19.

In 2017–18 Infrastructure Australia will continue to develop its corporate capability to support the provision of independent advice. This will include the growth of the internal capability of the organisation through a modest increase in staffing.

The expense budget reflects the work programs for Infrastructure Australia in 2017–18, including the provision of advice on nationally significant infrastructure matters, evaluation of project proposals and development of further research regarding the identification and application of best practice planning delivery and operation of Australia's infrastructure networks.

3.2 Budgeted financial statements tables

Table 3.1: Comprehensive income statement (showing net cost of services) (for the period ended 30 June)

Table 3.2: Budgeted departmental balance sheet (as at 30 June)

Table 3.3: Departmental statement of changes in equity—summary of movement (Budget year 2017–18)

Table 3.4: Budgeted departmental statement of cash flows (for the period ended 30 June)

Table 3.5: Departmental capital budget statement (for the period ended 30 June)

Table 3.6: Statement of asset movements (Budget year 2017–18)

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