Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Table 1.1: Australian Maritime Safety Authority resource statement—Budget estimates for 2017–18 as at Budget May 2017


Opening balance/cash reserves at 1 July 71,032 69,828
Funds from Government  
Annual appropriations—ordinary annual services (a)  
Outcome 1 65,716 69,548
Total annual appropriations 65,716 69,548
Special appropriations (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development)  
Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990 (b)(c) 120,555 123,107
Total special appropriations 120,555 123,107
Amounts received from related entities (c)  
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 927 506
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 858 -
Total amounts received from related entities 1,785 506
Total funds from Government 188,056 193,161
Funds from other sources  
Interest 1,798 1,100
Sale of goods and services 18,864 16,178
Total funds from other sources 20,662 17,278
Total net resourcing 279,750 280,267
2016–17 2017–18
Average staffing level (number) 380 418

Prepared on a resourcing (i.e. appropriations available) basis. All figures shown are GST exclusive—these may not match figures in the cash flow statement.

AMSA is not directly appropriated as it is a corporate Commonwealth entity. Appropriations are made to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, which are then paid to AMSA and are considered 'departmental' for all purposes.


  1. Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2017–18.
  2. Levies collected under Marine Navigation Levy Collection Act 1989, Marine Navigation (Regulatory Function) Levy Collection Act 1991 and Protection of the Sea (Shipping Levy) Collection Act 1981 are paid to the Consolidated Revenue Fund and appropriated under section 48 of the AMSA Act.
  3. Funding provided by a government entity that is not specified within the annual appropriation bills as a payment to the corporate Commonwealth entity.