National Capital Authority

Section 2: Revisions to entity outcomes and planned performance

2: Changes to outcome and program structures

The outcome and program structures for the NCA have not changed from that published in the 2016–17 PB Statements.

2.1 Budgeted expenses and performance for Outcome 1

Outcome 1: Manage the strategic planning, promotion and enhancement of Canberra as the National Capital for all Australians through the development and administration of the National Capital Plan, operation of the National Capital Exhibition, delivery of education and awareness programs and works to enhance the character of the National Capital.

Budgeted expenses for Outcome 1

This table shows how much the entity intends to spend (on an accrual basis) on achieving the outcome, broken down by program, as well as by Administered and Departmental funding sources.

Table 2.1: Budgeted expenses for Outcome 1

Table 2.1.2: Program components for Outcome 1

This table is not provided as there have been no changes to the performance criteria for the NCA from that published in the 2016–17 PB Statements.

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