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Section 2: Outcomes and planned performance

Australian Government outcomes are the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Australian Government on the Australian community. Commonwealth programs are the primary vehicle by which government entities achieve the intended results of their outcome statements. Entities are required to identify the programs which contribute to Australian Government outcomes over the Budget and forward years.

Each outcome is described below together with its related programs. The following provides detailed information on expenses for each outcome and program, further broken down by funding source.

From 1 July 2015, performance reporting requirements in the Portfolio Budget Statements sit alongside those required under the enhanced commonwealth performance framework. It is anticipated that the performance criteria described in Portfolio Budget Statements will be read with broader information provided in an entity's corporate plans and annual performance statements—included in Annual Reports from October 2016—to provide an entity's complete performance story.

Figure 2.1: Outcome and program structure

Figure 2.1: Outcome and programme structure

2.1 Budgeted expenses and performance for Outcome 1

Outcome 1: Improved infrastructure across Australia through investment in and coordination of transport and other infrastructure.

Linked programs

The Department of the Treasury
  • Program 1.9: National Partnership Payments to the states.
Contribution to Outcome 1 made by linked programs

The above linkage relates to National Partnership Payments which are paid through the Department of the Treasury as part of the Federal Financial Relations Framework.

Budgeted expenses for Outcome 1

The table below shows how much the Department intends to spend (on an accrual basis) on achieving the outcome, broken down by program, as well as by Administered and Departmental funding sources.

Table 2.1.1: Budgeted expenses for Outcome 1

Table 2.1.2: Program components for Outcome 1

Table 2.1.3: Performance criteria for Outcome 1

Table 2.1.3 below details the performance criteria for each program associated with Outcome 1. It also summarises how each program is delivered and where 2016–17 Budget measures have created new programs or materially changed existing programs.

Outcome 1—Improved infrastructure across Australia through investment in and coordination of transport and other infrastructure.
Program 1.1—The Infrastructure Investment Program contributes to Outcome 1 by ensuring improved infrastructure across Australia through increasing the efficiency and safety of Australia's land transport infrastructure while strengthening the Australian economy.
Delivery During 2016–17 and the forward years, the Department will:
  • contribute to improved transport infrastructure decision-making and delivery through sound management and partnered decision-making with other jurisdictions, including through undertaking cost estimate, assurance and compliance reviews;
  • advise on potential projects to be funded under the Infrastructure Investment Program;
  • advise on transport planning and potential projects to inform future infrastructure investment;
  • implement and deliver a range of land transport investment administered items as part of the Infrastructure Investment Program, and through the Australian Rail Track Corporation and the Moorebank Intermodal Company Limited;
  • implement and deliver the program of works for land transport infrastructure priorities for funding under the Infrastructure Investment Program, including examining opportunities for alternative funding and financing approaches;
  • continue to work with states and territories to improve freight and port productivity; and
  • continue work on national transport planning including, in consultation with the eastern states and the Australian Capital Territory, consideration of the role which high speed rail could play—as part of a range of options, across transport modes—in addressing long term transport challenges.
Performance information
YearPerformance criteriaTargets
2015–16 Australian land transport networks are safer.
Australian land transport networks are more efficient.
States, territories and local governments are appropriately funded for infrastructure investment projects.
Expected achievement:
Projects continue to be funded under the Australian Government's Infrastructure Investment Program, aimed at increasing safety. As at 31 March 2016, 1,781 projects have been completed for 2015–16, and a further 4,891 are on track to be delivered. This program includes administered items such as the Black Spot, Roads to Recovery, Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity and Bridges Renewal Programs which all aim to increase the safety and efficiency of the nation's roads and rail network.
Payments are within 5 per cent of forecast.

Expected achievement :
Project delivery milestones are achieved and payments will be made within 5 per cent of the funding allocated for 2015–16.
2016–17 Australian land transport networks are safer.
Australian land transport networks are more efficient.
Project milestones are met; payments approved to states, territories and local governments for infrastructure investment projects which aim to increase safety and efficiency and are within 5 per cent of forecast.
2017–18 and beyond As per 2016–17. As per 2016–17.
Purposes Promote, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure and regional development.
Material changes to Program 1.1 resulting from the following measures:
  • There are no new measures with a material impact on the performance information for Program 1.1.

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