Regional Data Hub consultation summary—preliminary findings

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Our consultation process

  • Decision makers in Australia's regions were able to respond to our survey and consultation paper for six weeks between 24 May and 2 July 2021.
  • Decision makers were asked: 'What data do you want?' 'How do you want to access it?' 'How can we facilitate sharing?'
  • 124 responses (107 surveys and 17 submissions) were received from key sectors and jurisdictions.

Respondents want

  • Accessible data in a 'one‐stop shop' that informs the evidence base on priorities for Australia's regions.

Identified data issues and 'pain points'

  • Data is hard to find/access.
  • Data is not at sufficient granularity—many respondents identified LGAs as the preferred geography.

Reported barriers to sharing data

  • Privacy and confidentiality provisions.
  • Staff resourcing.

Required tools to support data needs

  • Direct download.
  • Interactive mapping.
  • Report generators.

Further Information