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Regulation in the Department

Regulatory Reform

The Australian Government has established a regulatory reform policy that aims to improve growth and enhance competitiveness across the Australian economy.

Having delivered $4.5 billion in red tape savings within two years, the Government is starting a new chapter in its approach to regulatory reform. On 12 November 2015, the Hon Peter Hendy MP, Assistant Minister for Productivity, announced that from 1 July 2016 the Government will broaden its Regulatory Reform Agenda to focus on reforms that directly enhance innovation, competitiveness and productivity.

The Infrastructure and Regional Development Portfolio is vigorously pursuing regulatory reforms, with a particular focus on achieving efficiencies through administrative improvements and harmonising international and domestic regulatory requirements.

This will maintain our high safety and security standards for Australia's transport systems, whilst removing compliance costs for which there are no commensurate safety or public interest benefits.

Regulator Performance Framework

As a key Commonwealth safety regulator, continuous improvement is already at the core of the portfolio's regulatory vision. The Government's Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) establishes a common set of performance measures that will allow regulators to comprehensively assess their regulatory performance and their engagement with stakeholders.

Regulators within the Department have developed key performance indicators, measures and metrics to enable them to assess their regulatory performance on an annual basis.

The portfolio will continue to build on best practice regulation standards to improve transparency, accountability, clear communications and risk-based approaches to regulation.

Regulatory Audit 2014

In 2014, the Infrastructure and Regional Development portfolio conducted an Audit of its regulations as part of the Government's Red Tape Reduction Programme. The Regulatory Audit Results by Transport Sector Paper provides a summary of the results of the Audit in the context of value to the Australian economy.

  • Regulatory Audit Results by Transport Sector Paper PDF: 188 KB 

International standards and risk assessments

As part of the Government's broader Deregulation Policy all Portfolios are seeking opportunities for greater acceptance of international standards and risk assessments. This will mean that Australian regulators should adopt relevant and accepted trusted international standards, unless there is a good reason to impose additional Australian-specific requirements. To that end, the Department has developed a flow chart to assess the appropriateness of international standards and risk assessments that might apply to the Australian context when developing and adopting new policy.