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Our 2015 Graduates

Boris Ceko

photograph of Boris Ceko

Where in Australia are you from?

I grew up in Canberra but lived at the Gold Coast for five years before the Graduate Development Program (GDP)

What did you study at University?

I studied Civil Engineering and Business Management at Griffith University.

What made you decide to apply for the Infrastructure and Regional Development Graduate Development Program?

I worked for the Department as part of the University Vacation Employment Program (UVEP) and really enjoyed my three month placement. During the program I had the opportunity to meet previous and new-starter graduates who offered valuable insight into the Graduate Program itself, and encouraged me to apply for it. I also learned a lot about the Department and the diversity in what it does. After UVEP, my decision to apply for the graduate program was an easy one.

What do you think makes the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Graduate Program different?

One of the best features of the GDP has got to be the freedom to express our interests in our rotations and ultimately our final placement. We literally get to choose our own path during the GDP and are encouraged to test the waters and try something new throughout the year. However, the pinnacle of the GDP is definitely the industry tour. My team of five graduates travelled to South East Queensland to investigate the grain freight export network in the region. The responsibility of planning the tour, engaging with various stakeholders and presenting our findings to the Department was a great learning and development opportunity.

What type of training and development opportunities were offered?

The GDP is packed with learning and development opportunities. In addition to studying a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration, we also undertake rotation specific training throughout the year. This training varies from budget and procurement basics, to writing and working for ministers and project management. The GDP is definitely designed to make you ready for APS5 duties at the end of what seems much shorter than a year.

What is an interesting piece of work that you have been involved with?

During my rotation in the Aviation Security branch, a few of us were selected to organise and prepare for a strategic future outlook seminar. The whole branch was invited to participate in the session which aimed to map out what Aviation Security will look like in the near and distant future from various perspectives. It was a great opportunity to work with others in the branch and engage with external facilitators.

What is your current position and main tasks?

I am currently working in the Western Sydney Unit, in the Financial and Commercial Strategy Section. My main tasks involve engaging with various internal and external stakeholders in the development of a detailed investment and infrastructure plan for a Western Sydney Airport. This involves anything from undertaking research and analysis to stakeholder engagement.

What are your future goals?

I would like to continue developing my relevant skills and knowledge through on the job experience and eventually undertaking further study in economic policy related areas. However, it can't be all work and no play so I'd really like to incorporate travel into my future goals too.


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